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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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If you have a smart phone that is able to download new software, you may want to use the Opera Mobile Web Browser instead of your resident browser, given that it wasn’t already installed by your mobile phone manufacturer.

Opera Mobile Web Browser is faster than most resident browsers such as the one found on the BlackBerry smartphone among others. It renders most web pages a lot better and provide you with smoother, more efficient experience.

Opera Mobile Web Browser is the ideal browser for your 3G phone and for use with Wi-Fi connections if your phone is Wi-Fi enabled. The user interface of the browser makes it easy to input your favorite addresses and visit your favorite websites.

If your phone is equipped, the browser also supports pinch-zoom and pans smoothly to navigate and view your webpages. You even have the options of making bookmarks and synchronizing them with your computer.

The premium web experience for rich, interactive content on mobile devices.

A web browser ideal for fast network connections on your mobile (such as WiFi or 3G). Opera Mobile is smooth, speedy, and it makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient than ever.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo -- with Opera Mobile, all your favorite sites work great on your phone or tablet.


-A new interface looks better on your device and gives Opera Mobile a sleek, modern browser appearance.

-Pinch zoom and smooth panning let you surf in a natural and intuitive way.

-Synchronize bookmarks, Speed Dial and more with your computer or other mobile devices via Opera Link.

-Twitter and Facebook support is built in so you can easily share Web content with others.

-Games and free apps can be downloaded from the Opera Mobile Store in Opera Mobile's Speed Dial.

Opera Mobile is the ultimate browser when connected over WiFi or wireless broadband.

Also check out Opera Mini, the fastest browser on Earth. Opera Mini compresses data up to 90% and is the best choice when using slower networks or paying per megabyte of data used.

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Opera Mobile Web Browser 11.1 Free Download screenshot